About LL Aust Trading

L&L Aust Trading has been focused on import cheap and reliable delivery boxes for quite a while. We have been partnered with multiple Chinese factories. dedicated to bringing in the most reliable and lightweight boxes with the best value.

We provide a variety type of boxes to make sure that it would fit the needs of most of the businesses. Customized box prints are provided for you to print your logo and customized your boxes just to fit your own business style. There are also hundreds of custom designed box samples to give you an idea of how our boxes will benefit your business.

Contact with our salesman to get more information on box details such as materials and order processes. They'll ensure that you received the best customer service possible.

Factory photo

Partner Factories

we partner up with box factories located wide across China to ensure that there is a box for your every business needs and can be manufactured within the shortest time frame. Our partners are very selective and we ensure their product qualities from their machine selections and manufacture procedure.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Materials - Variety of materials and design to choose from
  2. Experiences - Excellent customer service and quality control experiences to serve your business.
  3. Services - One stop package solution that meets your convenient needs.

Product Range

Customized Box

Customized boxes are designed to strengthen your business brand. The box can either be designed by you or chosen from hundreds of our box samples. We also offer customized design service.

Mailing Carton Box

We offered three types of box thickness to fit different needs of your delivery. The strongest box can hold up to 50KG on the top. No need to worry about delivery damages ever again.

Foldable Cardboard

Fordable Cardboard is perfect for luxury brands to show your customer how much they mean to your business. High-quality boxes with elegant folding function, also available for customization.

Import & Export Services

Beside our box business, we also provide import and export services between China & Australia as well. Our import and export services include:

  • Import / Export Tax Return Services
  • International Freight Service
  • Documentation Registration Service